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What do you need to consider when getting a tattoo? First and foremost, do you really want a permanent marking on your skin? This won’t ‘grow back over’, as a piercing location would. This will be a lifelong alteration to the look of your body. While tattoos can be surgically removed, there is a great deal of scarring and potentially, skin grafting to remove the remnants of a tattoo.

The worst possible negative side effects include those derived by poor hygiene practices of the tattoo artist. Make sure you see them throw Beware When Selling Jewelry - Not All away previous needles and ink cups. Certainly Living Legends: Bound By Wishes Collector's Edition it can be a concern, if you are interested in an extensive tattoo. Serious health Skateboarding In The Sixties And Seventies complications Living Legends: Bound By Wishes Collector's Edition can occur if proper sanitary techniques are not used. Concerns over hepatitis can be valid if the artist is reusing equipment that touches the skin. While tattooing seems as fashionable as costume jewelry, it brings with Living Legends: Bound By Wishes Collector's Edition it many more possibilities for illness.

You must Opytersioy see needles come out What is the Difference Between Safelists and Growing My Own Email List and Which Should I Use of an unopened packet. Similarly, ink pots must be new, unopened, and unused. Cross contamination can occur when needles and inks are not new. Any reputable parlor will open fresh packets, and don’t be shy about asking! Decent, ethical artists won’t mind Salvage Cars you checking, and if Living Legends: Bound By Wishes Collector's Edition they do, walk out.

Instruments also must be fresh – everything that is reusable must be sterilized in an autoclave. You need to be able to see it, and make sure it works. An autoclave that doesn’t function properly is as pointless as not even washing the equipment between clients. Some parlors clean the instruments with ultrasound (it jiggles the contaminants free) before sterilizing them. This is obviously even better.

Check the general cleanliness of the parlor. Being able Want to Invest in Real Estate Without Money or Credit? to answer these questions is very important:

1. Are the benches and work areas clean?

2. Is there hot running water?

3. Do the workers wash their hands regularly (check their toilet, is there soap and hot water available)?

4. Do they have sharps disposable containers?

5. Are the artists licensed?

6. Is the parlor registered?

If you cannot honestly answer all of these questions, do not get your tattoo at the parlor. You're asking for a world of trouble and possible infections.

This leads us to the next thing to talk about – the issue of trust. How do you know they’re a good artist? This can only be addressed through your own research. Watch them work, see how they operate – make sure you Living Legends: Bound By Wishes Collector's Edition check that it’s okay first! Don’t just waltz in and peer over their shoulder! See how they treat their clientele. Are they polite and courteous, or rude and condescending?

Don’t just look through the folder sitting forlorn on the table at the front of the parlor. Ask to see the artist’s portfolio – it will contain work they have actually done, not pictures they’ve gathered. Ask locals (who have tattoos) for recommendations of parlors in the area.


1.) Do your research. Is this what you really want?

2.) Ensure the parlor is sanitary.

3.) Remember the long-term effects.

4.) Remember that removal is difficult and painful.

5.) Be in good health when you go to get your tattoo.

6.) Enjoy it!

Need more information on getting a tattoo? Have a look at: The Ultimate Tattoo Guide http://www.thetattoosecrets.com

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