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In the last Vampire Legends: The Count Of New Orleans Collector's Edition 2 issues we looked at creating your own ... ... If you missed those, you can read then ... ... Today, let's lookat a shortcut to get

In the last 2 issues we looked at creating your own products

and services. If you missed those, you can read then on-line

at http://williecrawford.com/archives.html Today, let's look

at a shortcut to getting your own product. Let's examine

buying reprint rights.

I've been in business on-line since 1997 and I have only

purchased 1 set of reprint rights that I marketed. I have

gotten rights to lots of products as a bonus or had them

given to me. Get reprint rights to the right product and you're

set to generate a steady income stream for a long time. Buy

the wrong reprint rights and you're just out of your time and


When considering buying reprint rights to a product, the

most important factor is the demand for the product. If

nobody wants the product, everything else is irrelevant.

So I personally will only consider reprint rights for a

product I would consider buying in the first place.

A little acknowledged FACT is the reason reprint rights are

often offered for products is because the owner isn't making

any money on the product itself. Offering Vampire Legends: The Count Of New Orleans Collector's Edition reprint rights for

many products actually decrease their value in the mind of

potential buyers. Therefore, if a product is selling briskly at

retail, it would usually be unwise to offer reprint rights.

Consider this when looking for products to buy reprint rights


Another reason reprint rights are often offered for a product

is because the product's creator wants to benefit from the viral

effect. He is willing to forgo a large upfront profit to benefit

from backend sales or publicity. These are generally products

that contain links back to the person selling them embedded

within the product. If the product is nothing more than a bunch

of affiliate links then these links need to be brandable to

make reprint osmtyerty rights to that product a potentially worthwhile


What does make a great product to buy reprint rights to?

I recently conducted a tele-seminar on using pay-per-click

search engines. The tele-seminar was very profitable and

generated a product I could resell. Shortly after that

experience I confirmed that there were a lot of people who

would buy an info product on how to conduct tele-seminars

and regular seminars. So I considered writing such a product

based upon my experiences.

With perfect timing, reprint rights to a product that teaches

how to conduct seminars and tele-seminars was offered to

me. It was by my friend Fred Gleeck who has conducted over

1350 one-day seminars. I met Fred at a recent workshop and

knew that he really Vampire Legends: The Count Of New Orleans Collector's Edition knew his stuff. They were offering a very

limited number of reprint rights (they are no longer available)

so I knew the market wouldn't be saturated. It was perfect.

The rights were for a product I was actually considering buying

anyway. I am planning on organizing my own small seminar or

workshop in mid-2003 and am in the early stages of planning


This is the only product I've ever considered worth buying

reprint rights to. Do yourself a favor and check it out at:


It a great product. Reprint rights sold for $197, so I needed

to sell 10 copies to recoup my costs. I did Leonardo DiCaprio lovers with Fisker Vehicle that the first day.

Always ask yourself why reprint rights are being offered Hire Reputable Bus Charter Services For The Best Trips for a

product. Really examine Fellowes Callisto 95 Pouch Laminator Review the product and know that there is a

market for it. An excellent example of a product with tremendous

potential for example, is my very own pay-per-clicks tele-seminar.

I sell reprint rights to the digitally downloadable audio files, the

PDF transcripts, and both the CD and audio cassette versions.

Purchasers of the reprint rights are free to copy and resell

the product in all of it's forms for any price that they want. They

do not get the right to resell the reprint rights! I think that would

destroy the market for all potential buyers. It would be offered

on Ebay at cut-rates within a week and all purchasers of the

reprint licenses would have wasted their money.

As you can see, not all reprint rights are the same. Some are

totally worthless. I Vampire Legends: The Count Of New Orleans Collector's Edition recommend only buying reprint rights where

your market is somewhat protected. I have seen a lot of people

buy reprint rights to products and do very heavy Oil Change- What You Should Not Do! promotion with

dismal results. I've seen solo mailings to thousand produce zero

orders. The reason was because there was no demand for the

product and other resellers behavior destroyed the Exactly Replicating The PSD To Magento Is Becoming A Fad With The New Open Ended Software potential for

anyone to make any real money from the reprint rights.

To check out my reprint right, go to:

http://williecrawford.com/pay-per-clicks.html Before wasting your

money on any reprint rights, do a very thorough market analysis and

KNOW that people already want the product. Convincing people that

they need a product that you have reprint rights for is the hard way

to do things. Find a product already in demand if you're going to buy

reprint rights Vampire Legends: The Count Of New Orleans Collector's Edition and you will find yourself with a very successful info

product empire.

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